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Thank you for selecting PaidSurveysFREE.com as your "source" for the best way to make mountains of money and earn tons of travel rewards, free stuff, and more...just for sharing your opinion.

You're not just a number to us. You're a friend…a colleague…a neighbor. Because PaidSurveysFREE.com isn't just a website…it's a community where everything is set up to ensure that you make the most money with the least effort.

And that's not just talk. Thanks to the work of our programmers and designers, PaidSurveysFREE.com is the ultimate in user-friendliness. And if you do have a problem, we're always here to help you. Sometimes we'll provide assistance even BEFORE you ask for it…

Like now.

We want to make you as rich as Midas and to make your online experience at PaidSurveysFREE.com as smooth as silk. So rather than have you "stumbling around in the dark" trying to get started, we're here now to light the way.

Our easy 1-2-3-step process that will have you up and running -- running around the Internet taking paid surveys and making money -- in no time.

It really is easy! And although you CAN wait to get started, why would you want to? There's lots of free money out there right now… just waiting for you to claim it!

So why not get started now. And then, when you're through…stand back! A tidal wave of easy-to-earn income will be heading your way!




To make lots of money taking surveys…you'll need to take lots of surveys! (That makes sense doesn't it?) So you'll be registering with many, many companies and before long, your emailbox will be flooded with mountains of lucrative invitations

Sometimes you can register with a market research company and start taking surveys onsite right away, but many times you'll be notified via email that your opinion is needed. Needless to say, you definitely don't want to miss any of those important emails!

To make your life easy, to make your email retrieval more efficient, and to ensure that you can pick and choose among every single moneymaking opportunity that comes your way, we highly recommend setting up a SEPARATE EMAIL ADDRESS to be used for everything related to your new survey "business."

This way your survey-related email won't be mixed up with your "regular" email, you won't miss any important survey opportunities, and everything will just be a lot easier for you. Instead of sorting through spam, regular mail, family mail, etc., you'll have a dedicated emailbox where your invitations are waiting. This will make your "survey-taking time" much more productive.

Success Tip: Make sure you check your special mailbox often. You never know when new invitations may appear…or which ones may be time-sensitive. Set up a regular schedule for yourself: daily, morning and evening; three times a week, every weekend, or whatever works for you.

Your Internet Service Provider (AOL, Earthlink, Comcast, etc.) should be able to provide you with an additional email address - usually at no charge. Or, you can also set-up a free email address at Yahoo. In the opinion of PaidSurveysFREE.com, Yahoo offers the best free email service available. (In case you're wondering…we are not paid by Yahoo to endorse them.)

Important note: You do NOT need to notify PaidSurveysFREE.com about new emails that you set up, because the email address you used when you signed up with us has nothing to do with the email address you use when taking surveys. Just use the new address for surveys ONLY.


The "hardest" part about making money with paid surveys, focus groups, etc. is registering with all of the good market research companies! We list so many of them that it can take a long time to sign up for all the "goodies" that are out there.

It sure would be nice if there were a way to completely automate the registration process, but as of yet there just isn't. With some you can sign-up and take surveys right away, but others require you to "register" and then they contact you about various opportunities as they become available.

We wish things were different, but there's no way around it. You have to register with the companies you're interested in one by one in order to "qualify" to take their surveys. And while you do have to register with each individual company, you don't have to spend hour after hour entering the same information over and over and over.

Remember we said earlier that PaidSurveysFREE.com is here to help. Well, we've identified an incredible tool that will turn you into a high-octane "Form Fiend," filling in information faster than you might have imagined possible.

And…are you ready for this? The tool we have for you is absolutely FREE!

Meet Robo-Form - a FREE software program that will significantly reduce the time it takes you to fill out forms, register with research companies, and fill out surveys. Called "the survey-taker's best friend," Robo-Form even remembers all of the user names and passwords that you end up creating!

To download RoboForm:

o Click on this link
o Select "Save" to save the file to your desktop
o Once you have downloaded the file, just double-click it to install this awesome program.

Every single person I know that's serious about making money from surveys uses Robo-Form, myself included. It makes things so much easier, and it does so without "spying" on you or messing up your computer like Gator and some of the other programs.

Success Tip: Using Robo-Form is highly recommended so please download it now and spend a few minutes familiarizing yourself with how it works. It will significantly reduce the time you spend getting started, which will help you to make money as quickly as possible.

RoboForm works on Windows computers only. We have been unable to locate a program of equal quality for our Macintosh-user members. However, if you use a Mac we suggest you use the Safari web browser from Apple since it already has a built-in feature to quickly fill out forms.

You're not required to use Robo-Form or Safari when completing surveys. You can enter information manually if you prefer. The choice is yours.

Important note: After using Robo-Form for a while, you may be encouraged to upgrade to the RoboForm Pro. This is NOT mandatory. "Pro" has a few extra features (and costs about $30), but the free version has all of the features that you need for doing surveys.


Now that you're all set-up and ready to go, I just want to share a few more tips and tricks to help you get started. I know you're anxious to get going - and you're almost there.

Now, you're not going to "get rich quick" by taking surveys, but once you get going you CAN easily generate a steady stream of cash, prizes and free products. I know lots of people that make anywhere from hundreds to thousands of dollars per month.

One thing to keep in mind is that when we talk about registering with a company, we're talking about the market research companies that actually conduct surveys and focus groups. They are generally hired by large corporations to do the research on their behalf.

The "Vault Room" of rewards for filling out surveys is packed from floor to ceiling with heaps of cash, stacks of prizes, and a huge bounty of gifts, goodies, and "swag." You'll be more successful opening the door on all that loot if you use the

The 4 Keys of Paid Survey Success

Key #1: Safety and Success in Numbers

This is probably the most important factor that will determine your "success" or "failure".

The number of market research companies that you register with will increase the number of invitations you receive. More invitations mean more acceptances. More acceptances mean more survey-taking. More survey-taking means more money, more money, more money!

If you just want to make a few hundred extra bucks a month to cover a car payment, you definitely don't need to register with all the companies in our database. Just register with a few at a time when it fits your schedule, and before long you'll reach your goal.

But please, don't register with just 20 companies and expect to rake in tens of thousands of dollars a month. That's a pipe dream and it's simply not going to happen. You can be hopeful, but you also need to be realistic.

If your goal is to make survey-taking as lucrative as it can be so that you're earning thousands of dollars a month, you need to register with as many companies as you possibly can. The more the better.

Success Tip: I've personally registered with over 250 companies and I currently receive more invitations then I can handle. So what I do is just "cherry pick" the best ones. Once you get the initial work out of the way, this is a great position to be in!

Key #2: An "Attractive" Profile

Your "profile" and the information you share about yourself and your household will determine the number and type of invitations you receive. The more information you're willing to give, the more surveys you're likely to get.

When you register with a market research company, you'll be asked various questions which will make up your personal "profile". This is how they match you up with the profiles desired for particular surveys and focus groups. It is very important that you are truthful in all your answers and responses when signing up with the market research companies, so a lot of this is out of your control.


Some surveys are very general, but others are very specific. For example, a company may want to get the opinions of men between the ages of 25-45 on various types of cologne. If you're a woman, you won't be selected to participate in this survey.

Success Tip: Provide as much detailed information as you possibly can, in order to give yourself the best chance of getting selected for as many surveys as possible.

Key #3: You've Got To Be In It To Win It

The amount of time you spend participating in surveys, focus groups, etc. will make a difference in the amount of money you can earn. If you're willing to participate by phone, in person, and online, it will tremendously increase your chance of earning more rewards.

Like registering with as many companies as possible, this is another important factor that you have full control over. And again, the time and effort you put into it has to be in line with your goals.

If you only have 1 hour per week to devote to surveys that's fine - just don't expect to make a full-time income. You'll get out of this what you put into it, as they say. On the bright side, you only have to register with each company once - and then they will usually continue sending you surveys for years!

Success Tip: If you don't have a lot of free time every day, be like the turtle. Slow and steady wins the race.

Key #4: The Luck of the Irish (or Whatever Your Nationality!)

Many companies will reward you immediately for your participation in a survey or focus group. Others will "put your name in a hat" so that you're "eligible to win" a daily, weekly, or monthly prize. And winning takes some luck.

If you only want to participate in surveys and focus groups that pay cash that's fine - but we suggest you consider those that pay in prizes, sweepstakes entries, etc. If you have the extra time, it's well worth it to take a short 2 minute survey and be entered into a $10,000 drawing - wouldn't you agree?

Sometimes the odds are pretty good, and aside from cash you can win valuable prizes like electronic equipment, much-needed household items, travel vouchers, entertainment items, etc.

It's important to realize that market research companies change their offerings all the time depending on what kind of research and surveys their clients need. A company offering prizes this month might offer a $150 paid survey the next month. You just never know!

Success Tip: There's not a whole lot you can do to influence how lucky you'll be, but just realize that the prizes are often significant and can really make a difference for you. But these rewards can be big, so don't ignore them just because you don't think you're lucky. You have as good a chance as anyone of winning drawings, raffles, and sweepstakes.


I know you're just "chomping at the bit" to get started. But before I turn you loose to collect all the money you can, I just want to share four final pointers: .

Pointer #1 - "Screener" Surveys

Some companies will enter you into a contest or sweepstakes when you initially register with them. This is how you build your profile and get started with them. They will often send you "screener" surveys. Don't ignore them -- the paid surveys will usually follow shortly thereafter.

Pointer #2 - "Overbooked" Surveys

Act quickly when you receive an invitation! The companies will often send out more invitations than they need participants, knowing that some people won't respond for one reason or another. Once they have enough people to fill a panel, the survey is closed…and you'll be closed out of your reward. Check your mail often (and early) or it might be too late for you.

Pointer #3 - "Sales Offer" Surveys

Some of the sites and market research companies you'll be introduced to work with various sponsors, promotional companies, affiliated partners, etc. In some instances, you'll be invited to purchase products, participate in fee-carrying trial offers, etc.

You can safely ignore these offers if you're not interested. They have no effect on your "status" as a participant. Declining an offer doesn't mean that you'll be dropped from the survey list.

Pointer #4 - Enjoy Yourself!

Taking surveys should be fun, not work. And you know what -- you should be proud of yourself for participating! You're providing a very valuable service that will help influence new products, etc. What you're doing is important…and lucrative. You should be doubly proud!


Okay, I've shared my best insights and offered you my best advice. Now it's YOUR turn: It's time to head on over to our Database and get started!

Best wishes for your success,


P.S. And please be sure to let us know how PaidSurveysFREE.com is working for you. We'd love to add your chapter to our book of "success stories."







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